Get dinner in Glen Rock NJ on May 2 and support Autism Speaks for free

My friend Christina Peck is helping out with a fundraising event at Francesca’s in Glen Rock on Wednesday, May 2. Every order leads to a donation to Autism Speaks. Christina is a very involved parent who has helped many families with her book, Blessed with Autism. I’ll be there, and you might as well too. […]

Recent ASD developments

It’s time once again for the GoTheDistance for Autism bike event in north Jersey. My son can now ride without training wheels, so please support him here: (opens in new tab) We’ve all been busy digesting new incidence/prevalence numbers, new DSM criteria, fundraising, and, of course, IEP season. Here are some highlights: AutismNJ wrote […]

Webinar on Key Components of school programs

Our friends at rethink autism are presenting a webinar that will be valuable for a broad number of parents with children on the spectrum. From their announcement: School districts nationwide are challenged to keep pace with the complex needs of a growing autism population. This webinar will define 7 Key Components that research and practitioners […]

Augcomm New Jersey: augmentative communication meeting

Augcomm New Jersey is being produced by Eric Jager, who I’ve met. He’s a parent and skilled in meeting and event planning (at the big-boy level). I’m sure this will be a well-planned event with useful information for participants. Registration is now open for Augcomm New Jersey, a forum on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) […]

Rick’s first fundraiser finishes on 4/9

Here’s a short link to one of my other blogs, Watch Rick Train. I’m raising money all year for Reed Academy, starting with the Tough Mudder in Pennsylvania tomorrow and finishing with Ironman Florida in November. My goal is $140,000. This is the start. Thanks for your support; I’ll post updates at the WRT blog.

Parents: welcome to bad parts of SpEd world

Apparently No Child Left Behind is failing because it’s revealing that schools are leaving children behind. And so schools, rather than contemplate that they’re not doing well, are suggesting that goals be changed so that they can succeed. Seriously? They’re going to change the rules because the schools are failing? Isn’t that exactly the point […]

Does ABA work on typical kids?

I enjoy reading Eric Barker’s blog because he cites to published research on interesting topics. I think his tagline should be: “not what you thought.” This post questions the wisdom of using rewards to encourage desired behavior, namely eating vegetables. It caught my eye for lots of reasons: School’s been expanding my older son’s menu […]

Have you bought “Your Baby Can Read”?

It’s come to my attention from a friend, classmate, and father of a child on the spectrum that the “Your Baby Can Read” program was recently exposed (challenged, to be sure) as a likely fraud. It was the subject of a segment on the Today Show about a week ago. Here’s the clip: Apparently this […]