Open Source Autism School

We live in the tri-state area surrounding New York City, which turns out to be a sort of national hotspot for high-quality (meaning effective at recovering a significant portion of children) programs for children on the autistic spectrum. Of course, each of the well-known private nonprofit schools only has space for about 30 kids total,…… Continue reading Open Source Autism School

What is science?

The goal for this post is to explain what the “science” crowd thinks. As science-minded people, we generally subscribe to the scientific viewpoint, and we think that most people, when it’s explained properly, actually agree with the scientific viewpoint.The first point to remember is that the scientific viewpoint is about process not results. The key…… Continue reading What is science?

What we’re all about….

This is the inaugural post for 30 Seats, at We’ll host externally at some point and transfer these posts.We are parents of a 3 year-old boy diagnosed with PDD-NOS. We live in northern New Jersey, where there is both a plethora of autistic children and a seeming wealth of top-quality resources for early intensive…… Continue reading What we’re all about….