Autism’s urban legend

Jen Laviano (@JenLaviano) has a post up this week that mentions my un-favorite urban legend about autism: that there are parents who get their kids a diagnosis so that they can get “extra help” from their school district. Jen talks about having discussions with parents, friends, relatives, teachers, etc. to explain the value of special […]

Do you have IEP questions in Delaware?

I’m considering scheduling some Roving Office Hours sessions at the Starbucks in Rehoboth Beach, DE during the week of August 22-29. 301 Rehoboth Ave. Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 302 227-3682 If you are going to be in the area during that time, please let me know so that I can try to schedule during times […]

Scientist drawing line on vaccine research

Today, Dr. Eric London, from Autism Speaks/Autism Science Foundation and a co-founder of NAAR (which merged with Autism Speaks), announced that he is resigning from the Scientific Affairs Committee and dissociating himself from Autism Speaks. His statement generally refers to the continuation of vaccine-related research supported by Autism Speaks. This issue is one that is […]

Animation of Long-Term Potentiation and DNA

Readers of Exaptation will note that a recent post dealt with Long-Term Potentiation, or LTP. LTP is related to the manner in which signals travel in the brain (very simplified explanation!). This animation of LTP explains the process in much greater detail. Other visualizations relevant to understanding some of the scientific research regarding autism include: […]