Email asks NJ Gov’r Corzine about autism

After weeks with no response from the Christie campaign on my question about the candidate’s position on autism (I guess he believes twitter is for press releases rather than conversations), I looked over NJ Gov’r Corzine’s scant website. No presence for autism there either; in fact, neither of these websites contained a search box. I ended up using google to [fruitlessly] search Christie’s website and Corzine’s. (“Corruption” has 36 entries on Christie’s site — politics may really be about the past.)

Since Christie’s site doesn’t have a way to ask a question, I sent the below email through Corzine’s site:

Dear Gov. Corzine,

I’m a parent of a young boy with autism ( – clip from CBS’s The Early Show). We have too many friends for whom autism has taken over their lives.

What’s your position on helping NJ parents with autism, who are more affected than in any other state?

Hint: the words “autism” “spectrum” and “special education” don’t appear on Chris Christie’s website.

I’ve been a longtime libertarian, but autism is making me into a single-issue voter.


Rick Colosimo

What do you think? Are parents of autistic children (including young adults and those who are adults) going to become single-issue voters? For the acid test, would you vote for a candidate who had your views on autism but differed on welfare, immigration, or even abortion?