Email to NJ’s Corzine about ASD promises

Here’s today’s email to NJ Governor Corzine:

Dear Governor Corzine,

Since NJ is the state with the highest incidence of autism, what specific commitments will you make to parents of school-age children and to autistic adults? What would you pledge to do if, once elected, you do not follow through on these promises?

Please note that for virtually every one of these families, autism is the single most important issue they face, one that transcends, race, religion, economics, and, yes, politics.


Rick Colosimo, Esq.

I hadn’t intended to follow up, but since they keep sending me messages, they’re just asking for it.

still gives no results, as of 1415 Eastern on 16 June 2009.

I’ll go ahead and send them the link, at this page; I wonder if they’ll post a link to this post.