Next steps on open-source autism school

To get started, We’ve posted a project in connection with the open-source autism school at Arielle’s Project Interns site. Here is the description:

Develop specifications for a web 2.0 front-end for a project to create an open-source/crowdsourced model for starting a nonprofit school for children on the autistic spectrum. The website should support and encourage contributions across all functional areas, ranging from physical & regulatory requirements to administrative issues to curriculum development.

We need to have a framework for capturing relevant information and sharing it so it can be used and improved. Without this, anything that is contributed doesn’t lives on a hard drive or a flat website at best; those presentations don’t really support the project’s goals. Who’s got a proposal of how to get this step moving?

As we noted earlier, one early step is collecting information from existing nonprofit schools that they would be willing to share. (Some measure of Creative Commons license should smooth that process so that they don’t feel their work is directly supporting for-profit entities.)

So, next actions:

1. Selecting and implementing a web front-end for the project that makes it easier, not harder, to organize our thoughts and collect information.
2. Contacting schools for a big block of information.
3. Formalizing the project so it can be more easily understood by others.
4. Branding the project

Please help! Even a little knowledgeable guidance will go a long way at this point in the process.