Reviews wanted: Autistic Spectrum Resources

It seems like every time I open my email or web browser I come across more “resources” for parents with children on the spectrum.

I’m concerned, however, that there’s almost too many, if such a thing is possible, because much of the information is scattered, duplicated, and even contradictory. What the community might need is a way to cross-reference and evaluate the broad spectrum of resources to better meet a particular challenge.

So, with no real order to this list other than referrals and the results of various searches, here’s a list of resources, mostly non-profit organizations, for which we’re specifically seeking reviews. We’ll integrate those reviews into both a guest post on the resource as well as into the reviews section of the budding social network.

We will be reviewing these types of resources in the coming weeks, and you’ll see some tools that will make it easier to respond as well as provide more reliable recommendations to fellow parents.

If you have a product or service you would like to have us review, please contact Rick.