I need IEP help!

Have you received a letter from the school district that concerns you? Are you unhappy with your child’s progress, or are you worried that your last IEP meeting didn’t turn out the way it should have? Email me at rick@asdworld.com and we’ll sort through it together.

Do you need help?

You should not hesitate to contact me if you need assistance, especially if you have received a letter from the district that is unexpected or proposes dramatic changes for your child. There are certain IDEA rules that trigger a short 15-day deadline before things happen automatically to your child’s placement.

How & where do you need me to work for you?

I’ve been serving clients as a lawyer for over 12 years, and I’ve had more than a half-dozen lawyers represent me or my business. What I’ve learned is that it’s the lawyer’s job, the lawyer’s duty, to provide what the client needs and wants. Because of the way that law and non-legal services are regulated, there are different rules depending on where you live:

    • Parents in NJ can retain my services as a NY/CA licensed attorney. I maintain an office in New York City. I have taken the NJ bar exam and expect that my admission will follow shortly. If necessary, I am affiliated with numerous experienced NJ lawyers who may serve as local counsel.
    • Parents in NY (primarily the Greater NYC area) have the option of securing my services as an attorney, since I have been licensed to practice law in NY since 1998.
    • Parents in CA can also retain me to provide legal services, since I have been licensed to practice law in California since 2000. Practical considerations will restrict most of our work to phone and email, but I am available to travel to CA if necessary or can assist you in finding a local attorney to attend an IEP meeting in association with me. (My personal network is mostly focused on the SF Bay Area/Peninsula and Orange County.)
  • In all other states, you may retain me as a New York lawyer giving you advice on the federal rights available to you and your child, as well as the state law issues of relevance. In most of these matters, you should arrange for either an advocate to assist you at in-person meetings or be comfortable applying my advice in your specific situation. It’s possible for me to attend these meetings as your lawyer, but it is seldom worth the expense (as opposed to attending a due process hearing or negotiation). It’s also possible for me to participate by phone.

Do you think that you might only need a limited consultation?

I look forward to hearing from you. Here’s our contact information.


  1. andre makapagal on June 25, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    Hi Rick,

    My wife & I have a son who suffers with Autism. We have had major difficulties with the Simi Valley Unified School District and would like to share the name of our Southern California law firm that has successfully represented our son:
    Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman
    Special Education Attorneys & Advocates

    Keep up the phenomenal effort! You’re an asset to many…