Sneak peek!

This is the inaugural post for ASD World, which will officially launch on April 2, 2009. Yes, World Autism Awareness Day. Please take part in an activity near you or donate to a favorite cause.

Initially, I will blog here as I build an advocacy practice to assist the parents of children with autism. I will be providing lots of reference material, hopefully with the extra organization and annotation that we all need in dealing with the many facets of autism in the family.

I am the father of an autistic son, and it has changed my life. Now that we have started to rebuild our lives after the havoc of his initial diagnosis, it is time for me to use my skills to help others.

In the weeks and months to come, there will be some significant expansion to this site, to make it more accessible and useful for a wider group of parents and to add some needed functions and services for the community as a whole.

Thanks, and good luck to us all! See you on April 2nd!