Pathway to individualized therapies

By Rick Colosimo / June 10, 2013 / Comments Off on Pathway to individualized therapies

While the I in “IEP” mean “individual,” many parents question how individualized educational and treatment programs are. When every child in a class has the same amount of classroom time, PT, OT, and speech therapy, they wonder where the I comes in. One problem I see as a parent is what seems to be a…

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Making enemies of parents and teachers

By Rick Colosimo / March 21, 2010 / Comments Off on Making enemies of parents and teachers

This post on paying for our own professionals from was sparked by a health-care editorial, related to prohibitions on sharing legal fees with non-lawyers, and now belongs here. The phrase “doctors and patients as enemies” is what knocked me over in the reposted editorial by Milton Friedman. Is there anyone who doubts that very…

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When research isn’t science

By Rick Colosimo / November 27, 2009 / Comments Off on When research isn’t science

Some time ago, a link to this quasi-review article crossed my desk. Briefly, it explains why, in the author’s opinion, the subject articles on genetic research in autism are somehow untrustworthy or flawed. In some ways, it’s well-written. I like the bibliography. It’s all Nature, Science, NEJM, and Nature Genetics. But to me, the real…

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Planning for your first IEP

By Rick Colosimo / October 30, 2009 / Comments Off on Planning for your first IEP

What advice do you need to help you think about your child’s first IEP? This guide gives you some principles and tips to help you think about how to plan for your first IEP.

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