“Stealing” money from special education?

By Rick Colosimo / January 11, 2010 / Comments Off on “Stealing” money from special education?

This article on the siphoning of stimulus funds for special education to general education is one of the few I’ve seen in the WSJ on special education. By itself, I think that’s a major achievement — it means that special education and the plight of students and the often under-funded special education departments is getting…

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ANNOUNCEMENT – Restraint Survey

By Rick Colosimo / September 29, 2009 / Comments Off on ANNOUNCEMENT – Restraint Survey

via COPAA I include this today because the thought of these activities, let alone the actual descriptions of what has happened to our children, those least able to defend themselves, to seek protection, to tell others, chokes me up every time. I’m still looking for anyone with IEP language regarding these issues. APRAIS, The Alliance…

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IDEA Fairness Restoration Act seeks funds for IEP experts

By Rick Colosimo / June 26, 2009 / Comments Off on IDEA Fairness Restoration Act seeks funds for IEP experts

The release below from COPAA describes new legislation introduced to allow for the recovery of expert witness fees in due process hearings and similar proceedings under IDEA. While parents who win at due process can often get reasonable attorney’s fees, and the law permits full recovery by a lawyer who charged a client less, expert…

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Email to NJ’s Corzine about ASD promises

By Rick Colosimo / June 16, 2009 / Comments Off on Email to NJ’s Corzine about ASD promises

Here’s today’s email to NJ Governor Corzine: Dear Governor Corzine, Since NJ is the state with the highest incidence of autism, what specific commitments will you make to parents of school-age children and to autistic adults? What would you pledge to do if, once elected, you do not follow through on these promises? Please note…

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