Parents: welcome to bad parts of SpEd world

By Rick Colosimo / March 15, 2011 / Comments Off on Parents: welcome to bad parts of SpEd world

Apparently No Child Left Behind is failing because it’s revealing that schools are leaving children behind. And so schools, rather than contemplate that they’re not doing well, are suggesting that goals be changed so that they can succeed. Seriously? They’re going to change the rules because the schools are failing? Isn’t that exactly the point…

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Making enemies of parents and teachers

By Rick Colosimo / March 21, 2010 / Comments Off on Making enemies of parents and teachers

This post on paying for our own professionals from was sparked by a health-care editorial, related to prohibitions on sharing legal fees with non-lawyers, and now belongs here. The phrase “doctors and patients as enemies” is what knocked me over in the reposted editorial by Milton Friedman. Is there anyone who doubts that very…

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“Stealing” money from special education?

By Rick Colosimo / January 11, 2010 / Comments Off on “Stealing” money from special education?

This article on the siphoning of stimulus funds for special education to general education is one of the few I’ve seen in the WSJ on special education. By itself, I think that’s a major achievement — it means that special education and the plight of students and the often under-funded special education departments is getting…

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Special event honoring Catherine Maurice

By Rick Colosimo / October 27, 2009 /

Every parent of a child on the spectrum knows the name Catherine Maurice. Her book, “Let Me Hear Your Voice,” is a literary landmark in the field that has touched almost every parent I know. In a rare public appearance made even more rare because it’s parent-driven, Catherine Maurice will be honored by REED Academy…

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