Webinar on Key Components of school programs

Our friends at rethink autism are presenting a webinar that will be valuable for a broad number of parents with children on the spectrum.

From their announcement:
School districts nationwide are challenged to keep pace with the complex needs of a growing autism population. This webinar will define 7 Key Components that research and practitioners have identified as necessary to effectively support students with autism.

It will provide a framework for district leaders to allocate resources, for teachers to coordinate direct services, and for parents to advocate, all in an effort to improve supports for students on the autism spectrum.

Join Jamie Pagliaro, Co-Creator of Rethink Autism & Former Executive Director, NY Center for Autism Charter School, for this presentation. Click below to register:

Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 2 PM EDT

These folks are both good at what they do and care about our kids. If you’re new to this and starting to learn how to evaluate programs, or your child is moving to a new environment, I’m convinced it will be worth your time.