What chores does your child do?

I just came across this article about a boy whose family has integrated him into family chores in the classic ABA model: harnessing natural motivations, creating discrete tasks, and implementing positive reinforcement, both tangible and social.

My older son is 8, and he’s certainly capable of many things. But I haven’t formalized the chores for him or my younger son, 6. Perhaps it’s time to do that. (And yes, I believe that self-care leads to self-reliance, which is the core of self-advocacy.)

I think dishes and the dishwasher, vacuuming, and picking up clothes as a precursor to laundry (have to install a washer/dryer in the new loft apartment we just moved into). I know that older kids at Reed Academy have learned to do laundry


What chores do your kids do? And at what ages?