Parents: welcome to bad parts of SpEd world

Apparently No Child Left Behind is failing because it’s revealing that schools are leaving children behind. And so schools, rather than contemplate that they’re not doing well, are suggesting that goals be changed so that they can succeed. Seriously? They’re going to change the rules because the schools are failing? Isn’t that exactly the point […]

Do you have IEP questions in Delaware?

I’m considering scheduling some Roving Office Hours sessions at the Starbucks in Rehoboth Beach, DE during the week of August 22-29. 301 Rehoboth Ave. Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 302 227-3682 If you are going to be in the area during that time, please let me know so that I can try to schedule during times […]

IEP goals about discipline or restraints?

Here’s another article describing seemingly vague rules about restraints and seclusion, an issue that seems to be growing in importance in recent months. Here is a single excerpt from the COPAA letter: A 9 year old boy with autism in Tennessee was restrained face-down in his school’s isolation room for four hours. The complaint alleges […]

Results, not efforts, should drive placements

Recently on rethinkautism, a parent asked about the “Chevy vs. Cadillac” mantra widely repeated to supposedly illustrate the IDEA principle that children are entitled to an “appropriate” education, not the “best” education or, in general, one that “maximizes” their progress or opportunity. The best way to respond to this sort of comment (besides ignoring the […]