Comprehensive medical record planning

By Rick Colosimo / November 2, 2009 / Comments Off on Comprehensive medical record planning

This article on the VA’s electronic records experience should be energizing autism service providers around the country, but I fear that it isn’t. The doctors involved have their own electronic records issues, and they’re almost certainly uncomfortable with anything that could make them responsible for inappropriate disclosures of information to non-medical providers, HIPAA releases notwithstanding.…

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The promise of genetics research

By Rick Colosimo / August 17, 2009 / Comments Off on The promise of genetics research

< p class=”note”>I have been struggling with the question of whether to keep writing on science issues, particularly since it’s not my area of expertise (even though I’m very fond of thinking about these issues). I’ve decided to compromise and try to write about science and research policies and projects, which are of interest to…

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Avoiding classification doesn’t help your child

By Rick Colosimo / August 3, 2009 / Comments Off on Avoiding classification doesn’t help your child

I just saw this quote in a recent article: “We don’t want to identify kids as disabled,” Charla MacKenzie, director of pupil personnel services for Southwest Licking Local Schools, said “To us, that’s a very big thing.” “It’s only when we’ve exhausted all those suggestions, all those interventions, and we still don’t see progress that…

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Science Corner — Brain structures may affect sociability

By Rick Colosimo / June 22, 2009 / Comments Off on Science Corner — Brain structures may affect sociability

This brief description of an MRI study from Cambridge relates that two areas of the brain may affect sociability by affecting the value of social rewards to a person. They found that the greater the concentration of tissue in the orbitofrontal cortex (the outer strip of the brain just above the eyes), and in the…

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