Severe discrepancy: references

By Rick Colosimo / October 10, 2009 / Comments Off on Severe discrepancy: references

Here are some quotes from relevant laws and regulations regarding the usage of the severe discrepancy model for determining whether a child has a specific learning disability: IDEA sections: a. 20 USC 1414(b)(2) says: (2)  Conduct of evaluation In conducting the evaluation, the local educational agency shall— (A) use a variety of assessment tools and…

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Severe discrepancy: status in NJ

By Rick Colosimo / October 9, 2009 /

School districts in New Jersey are permitted to use a severe discrepancy method for determining whether a child has a specific learning disability.

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Quick announcement – consultations available

By Rick Colosimo / August 9, 2009 / Comments Off on Quick announcement – consultations available

I’ve been contacted by folks from out of town who have questions about their children, and so I’ve developed a straightforward consultation service that allows you to get specific advice for your situation. As an added bonus, you will end up *finally* getting your child’s files in order! What are the burning questions you’d like…

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What happens to an IEP when you move?

By Rick Colosimo / August 5, 2009 / Comments Off on What happens to an IEP when you move?

A tweet I saw today asked about what the expectations are for implementation of her son’s IEP following an impending move. My response: Did you get answer to your IEP transfer question? See 20 USC 1414(d)(2)(C). Short answer: FAPE until they re-eval. Here’s the complete text of the section: (C) Program for children who transfer…

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